At Home Teeth Whitening, For Sensitive Teeth?

Hello everyone! Today is the day that I finally get to share my teeth whitening experience with Smile Brilliant!

After posting in my Instastories my kit, I got so many questions in how it works. So I put together this blog post to share with you the process.

Very quickly let me give you a little background about my teeth. I have sensitive teeth to cold and hot. And having tried all kinds of whitening strips and whitening toothpaste since I was a teenager made my teeth even more sensitive. And being a girl on the go I run on coffee and tea all day.

So you receive your box pretty much with everything that you will need to get your smile to shine.

What makes this kit great is that it is personalized to your teeth shape by making your dental impressions at home, no need to make appointments at the dentist. No going back and forth. So once you receive your kit you make the dental impressions and send them off to a lab in the envelope that is provided with a shipping label included ✉️

I received my whitening trays in about a week. From there my whitening process began.

The first 3 days I only used the desensitizing gel to prep my sensitive teeth for the whitening process. After that I used the whitening gel every other night for about an hour, sometimes even a bit long while I did my nighttime routine and got my things ready for the following day. And the desensitizing gel 1-2 times a week in the days that I wasn’t whitening my teeth.

The process is so easy, step by step instructions are included and my favorite part about it is that I can watch TV, wash dishes, fold clothes, take a relaxing bubble bath, while whitening your teeth! It’s hands free!

I started to notice results at about the 4th time that I used the whitening gel and from then on my teeth just got whiter!

I have recommended SmileBrilliant to friends and family since I started my process.

If you want a white smile like mine Smile Brilliant and Me are giving one of you the chance to win a Whitening Kit. All you have to do is participate in this giveaway is click on this link:

Or you can use my discount code: kuenainthemoment15 for 15% off the entire store!

Good Luck to everyone! And remember to #SMILEFEARLESSLY

*Disclaimer: Smile Brilliant sent me this kit free to try and review. All options are mine.

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One thought on “At Home Teeth Whitening, For Sensitive Teeth?

  1. Wonderful job, thanks you.
    It is a great result!
    With some much to do, what a fantastic way to easy way to multitask. With brighter smile as your reward😁

    Thanks again, Kuena 👍🏼

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