My Morning Skin Care Routine

Today I am going to share my morning skin care routine with your guys. I feel like skin care is very personal, with everybody having different types of skin but also having different needs. In my “finding what works with my skin” journey I have gone from having or thinking that I have oily skin, to learning the hard way that I have combination skin. So these products, high end and drug store are what have worked for me at the moment.

Starting my routine… La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Face Wash for Oily Skin . This soap free face wash is one of the best ones that I have tried from the drug store. It is very gentle on the eyes, doesn’t strip my skin and it works really good at removing makeup!

Cellcosmet Switzerland – Activator Gel Cleanser . This game changer came into my life about 3 years ago when my skin was going through an adult acne phase. I can’t live without this invigorating gel that started to clear up my skin in 3 days! No joke! It contains cinnamon extract, turmeric extract, ginger extract and all sorts of good stuff for the skin. I like to apply a pea size all over my face and leave on for about 1 minute (I brush my teeth while I let it do it’s magic). And rinse.

Cellcosmet Switzerland – Active Tonic Toner . Once I rise the gel, I like to apply a few drops on the toner to the palm of my hands and apply it in tapping motions to my face and neck.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum . I am a huge fan of Lancôme products, my skin really likes them. When I look for a serum I look for anti aging and smoothing benefits since it’s the first layer of skincare that goes on my face. Once differece I noticed when I started using this drum and is why I continue to use it is because it gives my skin radiance.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Cream for Dry Skin . I have really been enjoying La Roche-Posay products as you all can see. This eye cream is amazing for my very dry eye lids and under eyes. It is so calming and it absorbs really fast.

Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream . Having combination skin is so tricky, specially during winter. It’s very emollient so my skin feels very moisturized all day long. So far I have used it year round and it works great during spring and summer.

Cane + Austin Prime & Protect Mattifying Primer + SPF 50 . After a long skin care routine I am down to the final step! I am so glad that I have this 2 in 1 product, it has a really good feel on the skin and a slight tint. Great for those days that you want to be makeup free but still have something on the skin plus sun protection that is a MUST!

These are all the products that I use daily on my skin, some high end and some from the drug store. They each serve a purpose, and while they seem like a lot of work it really isn’t. Skin care should be something that we take seriously. We only have one skin and it is the biggest organ that we have. Let me know what products you like to use in the morning and stay tuned for a night time routine.

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