Sweden Trip Summer 2018

This past summer my husband and I went on our honeymoon around Europe. Our adventure began in Sweden, after a long flight and several layovers we finally arrived to the first destination, Gothenburg Sweden. To be completely honest, Sweden was not top on my bucket list. Something that was on my husband’s and my bucket list was an Overseas Delivery trip to the Volvo factory. Since we are long time Volvo car drivers.

We arrived to the airport and were picked up by a Volvo of course and taken to the Clarion Post Hotel. The weather was perfect to walk enjoy the city.

One of my favorite things to do when going on vacation is walking around, I feel like that is a great way to explore. Well Gothenburg is great for walking and it also has trams, busses and boats that are public transportation.

A short but full of sightseeing walk away was a traditional yet hipster area called Haga full of shops and cafĂ©s were we had “fika” (a short break where you enjoy a cup of coffee and a baked bread with a friend). In our case we enjoyed a cappuccino and a

Click on the video below to watch our vlogs.

Fika Time!

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